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Majic 12


By Todd Jackson

The New Batman Superman Adventures 

is one of Pop Culture's bright corners.

The artwork is well-poised between tooniness and realism. If it
were toonier there'd be the outside chance of something like
greatness-the personal touch one just might find in an actual comic book-but then
it might risk losing the episodic dailiness necessary for TV. TNBSA's
art,with its voluptuous bodies and creamy backdrops, would be-is-cheap, childish, in a comic book.


On TV it's perfectly smart. The old Filmation superhero cartoons weren't bad simply because it was the hackwork of whores, but because Filmation thought it would gain prestige from as strict a realism as its beady little eyes could manage. It didn't
want to be Animation.

It wanted to be live TV; it failed to recognize that comics and animation are innately 
superior media to live TV and film.