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Like everyone else who does Internet stuff I too have a dream of making millions.

I'm going to sell my soft core PC-13 wallpaper to the world and make lots of money I bet, cause people who surf the internet love art. The price is $25 for 12 of my sordid, yet not deserving of a R rating,  art.

I'm going to jpeg and gif 12 sample images. It will hurt the resolution slightly but these are big files some of them.

Addendum: I also do computer art that doesn't feature nude women primarily. All of those pieces will have a letter after the number, except for a few. (Actually, I lost track of that number and letter thing, so prepare to be shocked. Oh, the joy of damaging young minds (I'm joking by the way, in case John Ashcroft is looking for a test case...)

Sample One: The Refracted Girl

1a: Che Guevera

2: Prism Like Effects

2a: The Blatant Jackson Poll Rip Off

3: Winona Ryder

*Bonus Winona!

3a. Chris Walken Meets Kate Moss

4: Teenie8

4a: Dark Circuit

5 The More Refracted Girl

5a: Bjork's Smile

Alternative Bjork's Smile 1

wpeD.jpg (7890 bytes)

Alternative Bjork's Smile 2

Alt Bjork 3 (The Purple Phase)

Alt Bjork 4 (Blurry Colors)

6: Girl in Red

6a: The Multifaceted Pop

7: The Embrace

8: Ginger

9: Sweaty Eyes at the Party

10: Ascendent 2

11: Idealized Ultracool Self Portrait

12: Todd Clip 1

13: Playboy 68

14: Vertical

15. Down With the Tony Soprano Crew Abstract Dream

16. Helping Hands

wpeC.jpg (8193 bytes)


17. Girly 24a

18. The Illustrated Woman

19. Beautiful Girls in Blue

20. Beautiful Girls in Hell

Alt Beautiful Girls (Confetti Girls in Fade)

21. Sick and Twisted Obsessive Christine Telfer Art

wpe17.jpg (28285 bytes)

22. greatsexysuperstaramazinggoddessverdi (Title is her idea.)

This is a Pittsburgh woman who asked me not to name her, so her name won't be published anymore. She's still beautiful though...

A.wpe3.jpg (5446 bytes)     B. wpe6.jpg (11514 bytes) C. wpe7.jpg (6411 bytes)


23. Tera Girl (Green Fractal)

23a.  Tera Girl (Unfurl the Colors)



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